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October 16, 2009

When it’s best just to keep your mouth shut…

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Following on from my blog the other day about Trafigura wishing they’d kept their mouth shut (or at least not tried to keep The Guardian’s mouth shut), here’s another PR gaffe from someone who really should be keeping their opinions to themselves.

Now the fact the latest outcry has been caused by an article in the Daily Mail should be no surprise to anyone. Although what is surprising is they haven’t blamed something on asylum seekers this time 🙂

But for an experienced journalist like Jan Moir to use words like ‘sleazy’ to describe the circumstances surrounding Stephen Gately’s sad death, and then go off on a rant about the ‘myth of civil partnerships’ is a little bit crass and in bad taste – don’t you think?

Again though the growing influence of social media has come to the fore – there has been another outcry on Twitter in response to her vile comments, only a couple of days after the one about Carter-Ruck.

Just type #jan moir into the Twitter search box and see what I mean.

Alongside that, a group has been set up on Facebook (and already has almost 4000 members), the article has drawn nearly 700 comments on the Mail website, and Moir has been forced to issue a statement. Although she doesn’t sound too apologetic.

Think this one might run for a while…


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