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December 2, 2009

PR Coaching Programme – What Should I Call It?

I’ve had a fabulous response to yesterday’s announcement on the PR coaching programme.

I mentioned it at BNI this morning and three or four of my fellow networkers said what a good idea they thought it was. I may even have a couple of people signed up already!

And I’ve had some hits from the local media too. Six to be precise, including Midlands Business News.

So it’s encouraging, but I need to do what many PR agencies in Staffordshire fail to do – promote myself effectively. I should point out that I’m not suggesting this is just a Staffordshire problem! It affects PR firms everywhere 🙂

It’s bizarre and ironic that PR companies – the ones always telling other companies how to raise their profile – aren’t very good at doing it for themselves.

I am working on some coverage in The Sentinel, but they’ve asked me to come up with an idea for an image! Surely that’s their job? They are the photographers!

And I’ve done an interview with Staffordshire Life which should be published in a couple of weeks.

But I need to maintain that momentum and I’m thinking of organising a launch event for the beginning of January. What do you think? I’ve heard of (and managed a few) product launches – but service launches????

I’m also struggling for a name for it – what do you reckon? I’d welcome your suggestions…



  1. Brilliant Idea Richard

    Comment by lee brookesHi R — December 3, 2009 @ 10:58 am | Reply

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