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December 10, 2009

Talking of winning stuff…

Speaking of winners (see my last blog), a brilliant way to get free media coverage for your business is to win an award.

Like many PR companies in Staffordshire, well anywhere in fact, we would be happy to handle this on your behalf. For a small fee of course. 🙂

But you really can do it yourself. All it takes is a bit of research to find the competitions in your trade and/or area. Perhaps you could even go for a national award.

As my granddad used to say: “Reach for the moon and you might get the stars.”

Where do you start? Well, like most searches these days, you can get a decent start from Google. Everything else you’ll pick up from your local paper, or your leading trade mag.

As with any PR agency in Stoke-on-Trent, we would first point you in the direction of the Sentinel Business Awards (deadline just a few days away folks), but there are hundreds!

Next year, you could try the Midlands Business Awards; the British Chamber Awards (enter from March 2010); the Switched On Awards (deadline May 14th); or the Lord Stafford Awards for the innovators amongst you (deadline in June).

On a national level there are the Business in the Community Awards, run by the Financial Times.

Winning one would be a huge morale boost for your staff and, because they are usually backed by a newspaper or magazine, they are bound to give you some coverage on their pages.

Awards ceremonies are brilliant networking and lead generating opportunities too.

So build award applications into your PR strategy: for the sake of a couple of hours spent on your application, it could make a massive difference to your business-and all at no cost.


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