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March 18, 2010

PR Gaffes of 2010: March

As we continue to stride our way into spring 2010 it is fair to say that the Ugg boot has made its way into the fashion halls of fame.

With genuine designer Uggs retailing in excess of £150 (where even employing the “cost per wear” tactic on this price tag pushes it) savvy fashionistas are turning to cheaper high street alternatives.

However, health experts have recently reported a significant increase in number of toe deformities, back and joint ache as well as the possibly of long term joint damage amongst younger women, linked to rise in popularity of “knock off” boots.

With Victoria Beckham’s trade mark sky scraper heels resulting in her undergoing surgery to remove massively swollen and painful bunions only a few months ago, you would have thought that the fashion conscious, no matter how blinded by glitter and sparkle, would have woken up to the fact that just because the celebs are doing it (and looking mighty fabulous in the process), we shouldn’t be doing it as well.

As it stands, Ugg have not really commented, apart from a brief statement to say beware of ‘knock-offs’, and they have to be careful they don’t get dragged into the debate.

However, if they handle this correctly, their brand could benefit from it – but only if they do more to keep public opinion on their side. As it stands they are looking a little complacent.

It was St Patrick’s Day this week, so this post wouldn’t really be complete without some news from the Emerald Isle.

The Marmite debates about Irish X-Factor twins Jedward, which plagued our media for weeks reached new heights this week as the pineapple haired pair were dropped from their label after  their debut single “Ice Ice Baby” failed to impress music fans, despite the help of aging rapper Vanilla Ice.

It not only failed to reach number one (nose diving into the number 12 spot after just a week in the charts) , but also made a disappointing amount of money for the record company.

However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief – Universal have stepped in as Sony were sprinting in the opposite direction and signed up the freaks talented tykes.

Now I’m not sure who made the biggest gaffe here – was it Jedward for getting dropped after one single, or Universal for signing them when they could’ve done us all a favour and let them slide back into obscurity?

You decide 🙂

And finally, some honourable mentions to two PR Guru blog veterans – John Terry and Tiger Woods.

The Former England Captain – who still hasn’t apologised publicly for his behaviour (and whatever you think about the furore, some contrition wouldn’t have gone amiss) – kindly drove into a Chelsea steward as he was trying to get away from the ground on Tuesday night.

And talking of people with a chequered driving history, Tiger Woods announced he’s making his comeback to golf at the US Masters in Augusta next month.

The eyes of the world – and the media – will be on both to see whether they can salvage their reputations over the next few months.



  1. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by swannybrasco: Blog on #PRGaffes from #Ugg, #Jedward, and #JohnTerry (again)! Enjoy! Comments welcome…

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  2. The month’s not over yet but I think Nestle deserve a mention on this list for their woeful use of social media. Customers may not know the law but they know what’s fair – using legal means to remove a YouTube video critical of your company, deleting customers opinions on Facebook and then writing rude responses were all bad moves.

    Comment by Scribbleboy — March 20, 2010 @ 6:20 pm | Reply

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