The PR Guru

September 30, 2010

PR cover-ups and puzzlements

Richard Swancott Associates have found some of the attempted cover-ups mentioned in the press in recent days really intriguing and we thought we’d share them with you.

There has been yet another Strictly Come Dancing PR Disaster (to go along with what we were saying yesterday about the Tom Chambers voting scandal) and the supposed/concealed release of a photograph of the North Korean heir.

The PR disaster for Strictly is that Scott Maslan, who begins dancing with Natalie Lowe on Friday night, uses fake tan to enhance his appearance for the live shows. This is clearly a PR stunt and a voting tactic on behalf of himself and the BBC, even though he has had lots of negative press about fake tanning in the past. Rugby player Gavin Henson is another guy who loves to use tanning and the BBC reportedly spend thousands of pounds of dry clean-up bills to remove the stains.

The main issue is that Scott is still filming EastEnders episodes and script-writers are trying to explain how his character got a tan whilst living in Albert Square. One of the solutions they have thought of is that his daughter Penny is in France, so he could have gone to visit her.

Another PR problem is that the North Korean state media have released a photograph which appears to show Kim Jong-un, the country’s heir, but they do not want the rest of the world to know it is him – having not captioned him on the photo and only releasing it to the local media. However, the BBC and other companies have managed to work it out.

This is because it is the world’s first up-to-date glimpse of the young man who is first-in-line to succeed his father, Kim Jong-il, to leadership. Until now only blurred images from his childhood have been released to other countries.

Critics have begun to post negative comments about the photo because Kim Jong-il is well-fed and shown to be in a much better condition than the majority of people in the country.


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