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October 1, 2010

A new ‘PR Gaffe’ as Ed Miliband announces that he is not on son’s birth certificate

There is always a new PR Gaffe every time we see the news and the latest one is that the new Labour leader, Ed Miliband, admitted he was really embarrassed, because he is not named on his son’s birth certificate. Obviously, the press are scrutinising everything about Miliband and his life at the moment, because of his recent rise in status. Something was bound to come out.

Ed Miliband’s circumstances ironically fit in with Labour’s view that unmarried couples should be treated on a par with married ones. However, the new Coalition government seems to have abandoned this, but we think that Mr Miliband should have a vested interest in resurrecting this issue.

The new Labour leader admitted that he made a mistake by not realizing that he had to go to the registry office in person, to be registered as the father of his son, because he and Justine Thornton are not married. He seems to be unafraid and very confident that he can speak to the press about the way he genuinely feels without having to sugar-coat things. However, he does seem to be coming across in a controversial way.

Some of the other very controversial things he has said to press include the fact that he is an atheist and that he is sure his marital status will not affect his run for Prime Minister.

Mr Miliband could go to the Council Offices any time to register his name on the Birth Certificate, but has yet to do so. If he chooses to do it now he is the Labour leader then it could generate some positive PR from this Gaffe. Let’s hope he makes the right choice.


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