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October 12, 2010

Stafford mother tweets during childbirth and PR company ‘Mission’ fails to reward blogging Marathon runner

We haven’t written about any local PR stories for a while, but I read one this morning that really intrigued me, as a regular Twitter user myself. I also found another story whilst on the Twitter homepage, relating to blogging and PR, which I thought I would share with you.

Stafford-born Fi Star-Stone was determined to prove childbirth is not as scary as it is often proved to be, by tweeting during childbirth.

What is even more remarkable is that she never thought she would be a mother because she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. The doctors had warned her that she was unlikely to have children.

As a nanny and nursery nurse, Fi runs a website, called Childcare Is Fun, for mothers-to-be and she kept hearing the same stories of how anxious and scared women were.

She decided that a good solution would be to document her own labour on the social networking website Twitter.

As soon as her contractions started at 2.30am on September 17, she got out her mobile phone and started posting updates.

Overall, she posted 30 messages on Twitter for 1,000 or more people to read. She said that the distraction of letting everyone know what was happening helped to ease the pain.

One of the Top Tweets this morning is also related to PR, because a marathon runner was approached by a PR company, called Mission, to run a half marathon and blog about it on behalf of Nokia – who is one of their clients. She was told that she would be given something in return but got absolutely nothing.

She wrote a letter, complaining to Mission last week and they rang her to apologise, but said that she had contacted them too late. Her feelings were that the PR company had let her down, which is something she felt happens to a lot of bloggers.


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