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November 3, 2010

Justin Bieber sells products exclusively through Walmart and Twitter start putting adverts into timelines

Following our blog surrounding the mad rush for Take That tour tickets on Friday, it seems that the same thing is happening today for tickets to see concerts by the Foo Fighters. It seems that there is always a mad rush and a tendency for people to rant their frustrations about being unable to obtain tickets, from websites like See and Ticketmaster, on Twitter.

Google Analytics failed to show data yesterday for the first time ever, leaving many marketers and PR firms without any idea of how many hits their website has received, which can be vital market research.

Other technology news is that Twitter has started to swarm its website with advertising. Obviously the bigger and more popular the website becomes the more likely it is to be a massive target for the biggest companies to target.

We have been known to use Twitter to advertise on behalf of our clients, but obviously just by tweeting and blogging about the most talked about topics. Whereas large companies can already pay to have their product Featured in the trending topics list.

Now though, Twitter has begun placing advertising into individual users’ Twitter streams for companies such as Virgin, Starbucks and Red Bull.

Users will be targeted based on the kinds of people and products they already follow. So, not all users will see them. For example, someone who follows coffee companies or who follows people who write about coffee would be a target candidate for a Starbucks.

The company will start by showing the paid tweets only to people who use HootSuite.

In other news, Walmart is increasingly creating and selling Justin Bieber products, especially now Christmas is approaching, including exclusive lines of nail polish and a fragrance designed or inspired by the 16 year old Canadian singer and Twitter phenomenon.

Mr Bieber has developed an almost entirely exclusive relationship with the earth’s biggest retailer, though Walmart declined to comment on just how extensive the partnership may yet become.

Justin recently told his 5.6 million followers on Twitter, where he ranks Number 5, just behind Barack Obama and just ahead of Ellen DeGeneres, that his acoustic album will go on sale first at Walmart on November 22nd. That’s a day ahead of the general market release.


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