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November 5, 2010

Remember, remember, the 5th of November

“I remember the time I knew what happiness was. Let the memory live again” (Memory, Cats).

Those famous lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical are very true to all our lives, especially the lives of small business owners who often find themselves so swamped with work that they forget the most important thing – you need to make time for yourself.

It is very easy to get consumed with work and to let it rule your life – with heaps of work lined up waiting to be completed – but it can wait whilst you leave time for yourself.

This day is supposed to be about remembering never to try to overthrow the goverment and the English system of rule, but – I think – it can also serve as a time for us to remember to do things we don’t normally think about.

The following are the top five things (5th of November – 5 things) you should remember at all times (and what better day to refresh your memory):

1. Find a niche – something that will get you a lot of loyal customers. This will help you to know what you are aiming towards and concentrate your efforts better, which is a great way to earn. The key is finding a business idea that doesn’t have a lot of competition but shows promising demand. This can help you earn bigger profits. If you have forgetten your niche then you need to refocus on it.

2. You need to think big – You always have a better advantage against your big competitors if you show your flexibility and ability to provide personalised service. Take advantage of that, and you’ll surely find yourself climbing the top quicker. Remember that you can do it if you keep trying.

3. Avoid being a copycat – Remember to check what similar companies are doing on a regular basis (why not today?). Copying others won’t get you a long way. Make everything about you unique, this can help you attract more potential clients and customers.

4. Strive to have a good reputation – Success in small businesses relies largely on their good reputation. Remember to get a Twitter account if you haven’t, to reach out to your clients. However, online word travels extremely fast, so you will have to keep your name clean no matter what. You have seen in our blogs just how easy it is for people to say the wrong thing and ruin their reputation.

5. Make sure you always plan – A good plan can really get you places. So make sure to always get your moves well thought out. This will really build your business for the better.


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