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November 9, 2010

Michael – the new Michael Jackson album (recorded by voicemail), whilst Chanelle Hayes accuses Jack Tweed of lying on Twitter

“I’m constantly replaced by Britney Spears…. Britney Spears…” (Diva’s Lament, Spamalot)

Michael Jackson’s new album, simply titled ‘Michael’, is to be released on December 13th – with the latest revelation that it was recorded on voice mail.

Apparently, Jackson was so paranoid about new material being leaked online, he sang the songs over a mobile phone directly to his producers. Luckily, he called the correct numbers.

However, even his family have begun questioning the authenticity of vocals.

Record bosses were worried whether it would come off at all. Apparently it has, but after a lot of work – I am not so sure.

You see, the thing is, this is great PR for the Jackson’s – having Michael release a new album after his death (at Christmas time) – but even they are having doubts about it. They don’t want it to be proven that it is not actually him singing.

That is why Sony have spent a fortune analysing the tracks to make sure they are genuine.

The first track was released yesterday, but people have complained that it sounds exactly like Britney Spears’ hit ‘Piece Of Me’.

The song is a personal attack on the paparazzi in the wake of his high-profile court cases in the US.

EDIT: Today, 30th November 2010, one of the songs off the album – Much Too Soon – was released on iTunes Ping. The song was written by MJ around the time he did the Thriller album — and according to the iTunes description, “Michael always liked it but never found the right home for it.”

In other news, Big Brother 8 contestant Chanelle Hayes has accused Jack Tweed of lying on Twitter, by posting a photo of himself holding hands with glamour model Daisy Watts (however this has now been taken down).

Apparently, the two of them were supposed to have split up 4 months ago, but according to Chanelle’s Twitter they have been seeing each other again recently and were starting to get back together.

Jack’s picture may have cost him though. Chanelle how now claimed that she doesn’t want to see him again – and if he turns up on her birthday she will file harrassment charges against him. She was so angry that the list of insults she posted all suggest that she wants nothing more to do with him.

It just goes to show that even celebrities check up on each other on Twitter and the media are always there monitoring what is being discussed.


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