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November 11, 2010

Student protests continue – with fears poppies at cenotaph could have been attacked at Whitehall on dayx, following previous breach of Tory HQ

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg called on students to reconsider the coalition’s tuition fees plans before they take part in a day of protests, which is currently underway.

“Examine our proposals before taking to the streets. Listen and look before you march and shout,” says Mr Clegg.

A student protest two weeks ago resulted in an attack on the Conservatives’ headquarters building. Many students across the country protested about the massive increase of Tuition Fees, from just over £3000 per year to £9000 in some cases.

A Police chief admitted that he was caught off guard by the mayhem.

Prime Minister David Cameron this morning criticised police tactics during the riots and called for the full force of the law to be used against violent protesters.

He said: “I was worried for the safety of people in the building because I know people who work in there, not just the Conservative Party but other offices as well. So I was on the telephone. I wanted to know what was happening. I wanted to know that people were safe.”

He added: “People who assault police officers or who smash windows or who break property are breaking the law and yes, those people I hope… will be prosecuted. They should be.

A mob of around 300 had caused damage estimated at £1 million to Millbank Tower in Central London before officers regained control.

The Met said 50 suspected rioters have been released on bail until February pending further inquiries.

At one point officers resorted to issuing warnings on twitter that rioters faced arrest.

This is bad PR not just for students but also for the Police for letting it get out of control.

Today, it was thought that the Cenotaph in London could have been targeted by the protestors as they made their way down Whitehall, but it has been confirmed that not a single poppy was touched – despite rumours that they had been put on a fire.

Protestors did, however, charge the police for the right to pass them, supposedly to pay their tuiton fees in what has become known as dayx.

And, similarly to the protest the other week, the government – namely Michael Gove – have said that the protests have been hijacked by extremists – just as was suggested in the breach of the Tory HQ.


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