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December 16, 2010

Ainsworth calls for drugs to be decriminalised and Apple tries to focus on creating a specific image for its iPad

In what could affect the image of the country and our government, a former minister with responsibility for drugs policy has called for the decriminalisation of all drugs.

Bob Ainsworth said the current policy left the drugs trade in the hands of criminal gangs.

Ministers have insisted they remain opposed to legalisation and Mr Ainsworth is the most senior politician to publicly call for drugs, including heroin and cocaine, to be decriminalised.

He said he realised while he was a minister in the Home Office in charge of drugs policy that the so-called war on drugs could not be won.

The Labour backbencher said successive governments had been frightened to raise the issue because they feared a media backlash.

He feels that, in the end, ministers will have no option but to adopt a different approach.

In other news, Apple has just named Flipboard (an application that gives Twitter and Facebook a magazine format) its iPad App of the Year.

Flipboard translates the web into something unique for iPad users, which is exactly what Apple wants. It also makes the Internet like a book, which is what a tablet is supposed to replace – so it seems rather fitting and handy that they have chosen this as their winner.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ioan Said, Richard Swancott and Robert Brown, Richard Swancott. Richard Swancott said: Ainsworth calls for drugs to be decriminalised – […]

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  2. the current government line stating that “legalisation sends the wrong message” is fantasy thinking. no potential drug user gives a toss what the government or police line is, just : how much does it cost, who can I get it from, who else is doing it and will it be fun.

    all the government will do is design a new pamphlet and try to present it as their own distinctive policy, so basically “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” its the same old politics.

    the connection between the choices people make in their personal lives and the will of the establishment are polar opposites. they fiddle away in their ivory castles completely detached from the experiences of the great unwashed.

    the political class in our nation are totally lost, they still revere the era of back to basics under john major and think their mates in big business will fix everything by creating a harsh uber rat race like in America (to get people motivated) but they don’t understand as a nation we have moved on culturally. especially the youth of today who’s views aspirations and values have been totally written of and under-represented by the political social elites. They are so out of touch, out of date and almost completely irrelevant. they could get these young people engaged by listening and they could be a great asset and attribute to our country’s development but they have futilely chosen confrontation instead.

    why cant they stay out of our culture and let the society evolve organically if they truly believe in the goodness of the British people and just make sure that the bins get taken out on a Wednesday, the schools and hospitals stay open, I don’t see what else they could ever achieve. i don’t recognise that any post war government has really sustained any real achievements apart from the formation of the cradle to grave welfare state which this government seems to want to demolish brick by brick.

    I’m British but in America at the moment and i fear for our country aspiring to this kind of society, it is such a harsh place, you see so many irreparably damaged people here, it is such a class divide and so many people are stuck and seriously desperate. if Cameron keeps pushing those of the lowest social rung towards this state of being its going to be anarchy on our little island. its time to take the lid off of the pressure cooker for all our sakes.

    Comment by Sam Goldring — December 17, 2010 @ 1:26 am | Reply

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