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April 13, 2011

Reasons to use PR #7: approach prospects from different angles

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It’s often suggested that a prospect needs to hear about a product or service seven times before they will do anything about it.

That might sound like a tall order, but it could include meeting you at a networking event, picking up your flyer and hearing your ad on the radio. So getting to that magical seven is fairly straight-forward – assuming you have a decent marketing budget.

PR can make a big difference if you haven’t and can make it much easier to get to that target.

Generate coverage in your local paper, on your local radio and/or TV station, or in your local business magazine (most counties have them), and you’re up to four already. Add in the plethora of websites you could potentially target and you could be over that seven in no time.

Most areas have more than one paper, magazine, radio station and website to aim at, so why not try to get into all of them?

The key thing is to do this at the same time as other marketing activities, like attending more networking events, launching a telemarketing campaign, or investing in pay-per-click advertising. Combine those with your PR work and you’ll be hitting your targets from every conceivable angle, making it much more likely for your marketing investment to bear fruit.

You need a co-ordinated marketing strategy for your business, and life will be much easier for you if PR is at the heart of it.


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