The PR Guru

December 9, 2011


There are many ways you can promote your business. Ideally they would all be part of your marketing mix, but that’s not always possible – there’s only so much money to go round.

So why should you consider PR, instead of advertising, networking, SEO, telesales, direct mail and the myriad of other options?

Here’s a quick run-down of the 10 biggest reasons:

1. You can bring in more enquiries – PR is a proven lead generator, and the longer your campaign, the more likely you are to bring in enquiries.

2. Media coverage has more impact than adverts – people buy newspapers and magazines, visit websites, listen to the radio and watch the telly not for the ads, but for the information they convey. Few people pay attention to the ads for that reason.

3. Reach the biggest possible audience – with each media title you get into, you are adding their audience to the overall total. In Stoke-on-Trent alone, you could reach more than 230000 potential customers by just getting into one local paper (The Sentinel), one magazine (Staffordshire Life) and one radio station (Radio Stoke).

4. Or target a niche market – alternatively, you can filter your list of target media right down, to reach the people most likely to buy your products/services. For example, if your company supplies adhesives, you can narrow the field down to eight target publications in the UK, with a combined readership of under 50000. It’s a much smaller market but, because they are in your industry, are more likely to buy from you.

5. Spread your investment – because you are getting into lots of different media, you are getting a better return on your investment. If you were to advertise in each one, you’d have to pay for each title you went into. An expensive business. With PR, you would get into the same places for a one-off price, if you’re using an agency – or free if you do it yourself.

6. Become the industry expert – if you become known as the local expert on pensions (for example) through radio phone-ins and/or newspaper columns, people will respect your opinion and will probably look you up when they want some help.

7. Extra credibility – we all crave third party endorsements in business, usually in the form of client testimonials. If someone else says you’re great, it carries more weight than if you say it yourself. With PR, that endorsement is coming from a respected, independent media organisation, like your local paper or industry journal.

8. Improve your reputation – you can use PR to give away information, such as advice on new legislation, and become highly-regarded as you are helping people, rather than selling to them.

9. Approach prospects from different angles – if you are using PR as part of a marketing mix, it improves your chances because people will be hearing about you in many different ways. Your name will stick in their mind.

10. Improve your search engine rankings – you can use press releases to reach page one of Google, by refreshing content, and using keywords and backlinks.

Hope that’s cleared things up a bit for you! There are plenty of resources on this blog and our website should you want to have a go yourself.

Here’s a good place to start – it’s our free e-book on writing press releases.


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