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July 6, 2012


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When it comes to PR, what puts a lot of people off is a perceived lack of good stories within their business.

It’s natural to think your everyday activities aren’t news-worthy, because they are exactly that – everyday activities. Why would anyone be interested in them?

That’s why companies tend to outsource PR – it takes another pair of eyes sometimes to point out that what you consider is everyday is actually unique and would interest the media.

Outsourcing doesn’t suit everyone though, so here are a few handy hints on how to uncover that newsworthy angle.

1. Speak to your staff: you would be surprised how many employers don’t know what their workforce is up to! By that we don’t mean what they’re up to at that specific moment! But if they are doing something for charity, for instance, you could get some publicity on the back of it.

2. Check your history: landmarks make good angles too, so if you’re approaching a significant birthday, or a milestone like your one millionth customer, tell your local editor or producer about it. Or have you broken records for production, or turnover?

3. Watch the news: newspapers and broadcasters have to use topical stories, so if there is something going on nationally which you can offer an alternative viewpoint on, let them know. The more controversial the better! Or can you connect your business with forthcoming events? A strong connection with the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, or World Cup could generate plenty of column inches for you.

4. Know your industry: as if to reinforce the topical point, if there are any changes in legislation coming up which will affect your industry – for better or worse – or the people who use your services, contact the relevant people.

5. Recent successes: it’s time to shout about successes like winning new contracts and awards – but only if you can develop the story to demonstrate how they’ll affect your business. The media will want to know if you will be recruiting on the back of your contract win, for instance.

There are other options too, such as product launches, or collaborations with other companies (particularly if they are competitors of yours – someone people wouldn’t automatically expect you to work with), but the strongest tend to fall into one of those five categories.

And combining two or three of them will give you an even bigger chance of success. So if you won a contract for the Olympics, which allowed you to recruit more staff and smash your turnover record, you have a great – and potentially page-leading – story on your hands.

Hope that helps!




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