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August 10, 2012


The young people of North Staffordshire need YOU!!!!

Young Enterprise North Staffordshire is looking for volunteers to help our students boost their career prospects, improve their chances of getting into uni, and encourage them to contribute to the local economy by starting their own businesses.

Taking part in our Company Programme, which is run in a number of local high schools and colleges, helps young people in loads of different ways:

  • many employers look for YE participation on CVs as it demonstrates practical and theoretical skills (and also sets candidates apart from their rivals)
  • students can pick up UCAS points through YE, which means they’re more likely to get into university (and it’s more likely to be their uni of choice)
  • provides an appreciation of what’s involved in running a business, and gives them the confidence to consider starting one themselves
  • increases confidence and raises self-esteem
  • gives them financial management skills (as they have to manage their business’s finances themselves)

We need volunteers to help us spread the word, get more businesses and schools involved and most of all encourage more young people to take part.

You can do this in one of three ways:

  • board members meet once a month to help determine the strategic direction of YE in the area, eg by bringing more sponsors on board
  • business advisers work with the young people in schools (usually for an hour a week), helping them resolve  any business-related issues
  • friends of YE help out occasionally, when we need extra manpower, eg putting together fundraising events

You will be joining major companies like Alstom, KMF Precision Engineering, JCB, Alton Towers and the Britannia Building Society when you get involved, and making a real difference to the prospects of North Staffordshire’s young people 🙂

Give me a shout on or 07880 733138 for more info.


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