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September 22, 2012


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I’ve worked on some funny and unusual stories over the years.

I got to thinking about them when sorting out some of my old press cuttings last week.

There was the Haunted Bus story, which helped to snare my fiance Sarah when we met at a speed-dating night.

And there was the one about the football-playing ponies, and their slightly, shall we say ‘eccentric’ owner, which was the first time I organised TV coverage for a client.

My favourite though was when I was a rookie, plying my trade at a Stoke-on-Trent agency called Smith Davis Press.

We were following up a story on Britain’s Most Eccentric Men and Women, which had appeared in The Sun the day before, and I was dispatched to JCB’s headquarters in Rocester to interview Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash.

Alan was the World Champion Toe Wrestler, and had recently defended his title. He was toe wrestling’s answer to Wolf from Gladiators (one for our younger readers!) – hence the nickname – and used to wear a Dracula-style cape as he made his way through the crowd to the Toe-dium.

There, he would interlock toes with his opponent and then try to force his foot over – a bit like a freaky arm wrestle.

He’s a great character. And if that were not enough, he described with great excitement the family of 10 chickens which he shared his house with. He didn’t have a chicken run, they just roamed around the house.

This is the story which was subsequently published in JCB’s staff newsletter, Talkback.



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