The PR Guru

March 27, 2013


Hello, my name is Marnie.

I am the newest member of Richard Swancott Associates and am very pleased to be here, embarking on a Business & Administration apprenticeship whilst doing many PR things.

Primarily I will be taking care of client accounts via social media networks, you know the sort of thing, posting articles, building audiences, answering queries and creating blogs.

I read the papers every day and tweet about the good things that happen around the Stoke area with #saysomethingpositive. I look forward to working with Richard and exploring various areas of press and media.

Before coming here I completed a Level 3 Btec in Art & Design: Graphics and Interactive Media at NULC.

Going to that college was one of the best experiences in my life.

Not only did I laugh every day and build solid relationships with the people around me but I also developed skills to use professional software such as the Adobe Suite and gained personal attributes.

To say that I get out and about in my spare time is an understatement.

You can almost guarantee that I’ll be doing something that isn’t just sitting in front of the TV.

I have several voluntary roles, the first of which is working at local charity shop Animal Lifeline, this is where I merchandise and help raise as much money as possible for rescue dogs.

My other two roles are graphical ones; in one case I am a contributing member to a small project that is funded by The Princes Trust called The Illustration Machine.

They are currently focusing on children’s books and get people to write and illustrate stories, whilst I edit the material and produce effective layouts.

The second role is graphic designer/ moderator at Michael Fassbender Online – The Premier Online Source for award winning actor Michael Fassbender.

Sometimes I take time out from those commitments and more often than not can be found at the local cinema.

It’s not uncommon for me to venture to London for the day to watch the stars walk the red carpet either.

Occasionally I go out to rockabilly /1960’s garage nights and I make sure that I’m first in line for concert tickets when an artist I love comes around.

My love of entertainment doesn’t stop at film and music but extends to books also. I enjoy attending book signings and meeting those who inspired me to pick up the pen.

Reading has always been a passion of mine, as has writing, which is what I do when I travel. I have penned a novel called ‘Broken’ and have also had a short story published in ‘Not Your Mothers Book On…Dogs.’ which is available for purchase on Amazon.


Richard Swancott Associates provides bespoke PR and social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes and descriptions. Through their partners, they also offer search engine optimisation, email marketing, and telemarketing services.

All campaigns come with money-back guarantees, based on our performance. So if you don’t get a good return on your investment, you don’t pay anything!

For further information, contact Richard Swancott Associates on 01782 472035 or


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