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April 3, 2013


During my time here, Richard has given me several assignments.

The first one is to promote the #saysomethingpositive campaign that has been specifically created to raise awareness of all the great things that happen in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-Under-Lyme and surrounding areas.

For example, Hanley recently opened its brand new bus station as the first stage of a huge regeneration project. The opening was a momentous occasion as it not only marks the start of change for the city but has also set a high standard for the rest of the proposed developments.

This progression should encourage an economic boost and help eradicate the negative stigma that the city has attached to it.

The next major task that he asked me to complete was to design and produce an email newsletter, which can be sent out to those close and important contacts monthly.

Taking and considering the graphics are already in use on the website, letterheads and business cards, I set about creating a design with aesthetics that are continuative with the overall corporate identity.

Using an online development site, I created the template based on my design, something that I have not done before. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. If you thought that you could have multiple links in a header, think again!

After much consideration, looking at the technical elements and the limitations of what I was able to do, I made the decision to split the banner up into separate elements and manipulated a certain piece so that I was able to create several links which escort the reader to the relevant pages upon the main site. A similar technique was used for the footer of the newsletter.

The newsletter is fully functioning and only has some very minor variations from my original draft.

The third assignment has been to create a slideshow, which features scans of press releases/ articles for the main site.

A few of the images, such as double page spreads, needed editing before I had even begun to form a gallery. After some research I was able to find a slideshow maker that had elements which allowed me to address and consolidate all of Richard’s needs.

Captions were a must as to explain what each piece of media was about and how much the coverage was worth.

Timing was also needed to make sure that the reader has adequate time to read the captions. All of the scans are different shapes and sizes and therefore gave the display feature importance, as I was able to get it to show the whole image every time.

In the end, a smart and professional slideshow has been achieved ready for imputing on the main site.


Richard Swancott Associates provides bespoke PR and social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes and descriptions. Through their partners, they also offer search engine optimisation, email marketing, and telemarketing services.

All campaigns come with money-back guarantees, based on our performance. So if you don’t get a good return on your investment, you don’t pay anything!

For further information, contact Richard Swancott Associates on 01782 472035 or


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