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November 12, 2013


We went down to The Universal Thrift Club recording studio this morning and had some great fun recording some football chants! More on that to come!

Excellent facilities there, by the way – and Tom and Nathan are a great pair. Give them a shout if you have any music composition, mastering or recording requirements!

We’ve nearly hit our 100 participant target for our survey – yay! But we just need a couple more entries! Help us out folks!


It is a universal stereotype that cats and dogs hate each other, but that’s not the case in Endon.

Golden Retriever Toby found injured cat Stewart hidden under a bush and alerted his owners with incessant barking.

It is suspected that Stewart was hit by a car and instinctively dragged himself into hiding.

Get well soon Stewart!


A lot of people see the annual Coca-Cola advert as the first sign of Christmas.

Hanley was selected as one of the most joyous cities in a survey and has won the privilege of being visited by the Coca-Cola truck.

The lorry will be in Tontine Square in Hanley on November 29.


Sentinel photographer Mark Scott has been nominated for The Press Gazette’s British Journalism Award.

He has topped 300 other entries and has been working as a press photographer for over 10 years.

Good luck Mark!


Will you be seeing the Coca-Cola lorry? Let us know at and we’ll shout about how festive you all are!


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