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November 17, 2010

“Dear Santa, I don’t want any toys this year” – Why many children could be left without this Christmas…

38 days until Christmas. Probably the only other thing you didn’t want to hear today, behind the endless stories about the Royal Wedding.

But you can’t escape it…. Mickey Christmas is trending on Twitter and companies like Disney are already focusing on selling toys for Christmas.

This country is already suffering from lack of jobs and rising costs, but today it has been revealed that – because of this – many children may not be able to get the gifts they want for Christmas, which is not very good PR for the government. If we can’t get people the presents they want then what does that say about the state of the country?

Yes, toy stores – especially large ones like Hamleys in London – are already crowded with parents wanting to get their children the gifts they’ve asked for (that will never change), but it is expected that the situation will only get worse the more parents put off making the trip to get them.

One of the main problems is that toy stores can get it wrong (mostly because they have to place orders a year in advance) and can be caught out by unexpected demand – leaving parents to squabble over dwindling stocks of a must-have product.

In China, where a large proportion of the toys sold in Europe and North America are made, the toy factories have relied on a steady, and cheap, supply of migrant labour from poorer parts of the country where work has been less available.

Now, though, the supply is drying up. The government in Beijing has been investing huge sums recently to promote development in inland regions.

As salaries there have risen and more jobs become available, the migrant workforce has been dwindling, forcing the southern factories to slow production.


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