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February 1, 2013


It’s a very important day in the Young Enterprise calendar tomorrow.

Our teams of young entrepreneurs will be exhibiting their wares at the Potteries Shopping Centre, Stoke-on-Trent, for the annual trade fair.

It’s the first time most of them have sold to members of the general public – a great experience!

It’s all part of the Company Programme, a national competition which seeks to find our best company and the Richard Bransons and Peter Joneses of tomorrow.

It would be great if we could have a team from North Staffordshire at the national finals in the summer!

But to do that, they need tomorrow to be a success, so it it would be great to see you lending your support at the Potteries Centre, between 9am and 6pm.

If you would like to get involved in Young Enterprise by the way, we are always looking for volunteers from the local business community to mentor young people through the journey.

Give me a call on 01782 472035/07880 733138 for more info.


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All campaigns come with money-back guarantees, based on our performance. So if you don’t get a good return on your investment, you don’t pay anything!

For further information, contact Richard Swancott Associates on 01782 472035 or


August 10, 2012


The young people of North Staffordshire need YOU!!!!

Young Enterprise North Staffordshire is looking for volunteers to help our students boost their career prospects, improve their chances of getting into uni, and encourage them to contribute to the local economy by starting their own businesses.

Taking part in our Company Programme, which is run in a number of local high schools and colleges, helps young people in loads of different ways:

  • many employers look for YE participation on CVs as it demonstrates practical and theoretical skills (and also sets candidates apart from their rivals)
  • students can pick up UCAS points through YE, which means they’re more likely to get into university (and it’s more likely to be their uni of choice)
  • provides an appreciation of what’s involved in running a business, and gives them the confidence to consider starting one themselves
  • increases confidence and raises self-esteem
  • gives them financial management skills (as they have to manage their business’s finances themselves)

We need volunteers to help us spread the word, get more businesses and schools involved and most of all encourage more young people to take part.

You can do this in one of three ways:

  • board members meet once a month to help determine the strategic direction of YE in the area, eg by bringing more sponsors on board
  • business advisers work with the young people in schools (usually for an hour a week), helping them resolve  any business-related issues
  • friends of YE help out occasionally, when we need extra manpower, eg putting together fundraising events

You will be joining major companies like Alstom, KMF Precision Engineering, JCB, Alton Towers and the Britannia Building Society when you get involved, and making a real difference to the prospects of North Staffordshire’s young people 🙂

Give me a shout on or 07880 733138 for more info.

February 8, 2011

Revealed: the cost of advertising in the North Staffordshire media

Following on from our piece last week about the cost-effectiveness of PR compared to advertising, we’ve put together some info on what it costs to advertise in the North Staffordshire media.

These prices are for colour ads, so you may be able to get a cheaper deal for a black and white one. A black and white ad would not have the impact of a colour one so probably wouldn’t be as successful.

These prices are also exclusive of VAT.

The minimum price is £150 for a quarter page ad in The North Staffordshire Magazine, a lifestyle publication produced by Staffordshire Sentinel News and Media (the same people who do The Sentinel).

This rises to an incredible £9040 for a full page ad in the Express and Star, which has a circulation of over 120000 and covers a massive area from South Staffordshire to the Black Country and North Worcestershire.

Here’s the full list of rates.

The Sentinel
Full page: £3398.40
Half page: £1699.20
Quarter page: £849.60
Eighth page: £424.80

Express & Star
Full page: £9040
Half page: £4630
Quarter page: £2200
Eighth page: £550

Staffordshire Newsletter
Full page: £600
Half page: £400
Quarter page: £325
Eighth page: POA

Stafford Post
Full page: £2672
Half page: £1336
Quarter page: £668
Eighth page: £304

The Advertiser
Full page: £2448
Half page: £1224
Quarter page: £612
Eighth page: £306

Staffordshire Life
Full page: £1350
Half page: £760
Quarter page: £480
Eighth page: £275

The North Staffordshire Magazine
Full page: £450
Half page: £250
Quarter page: £150
Eighth page: POA

Focus Magazine
Full page: £900
Half page: £550
Quarter page: £350
Eighth page: POA
(£50 discount is available for Chamber members)

Please note these are the published advertising rates, and you may be able to negotiate a better deal if you speak to the relevant advertising departments.

When you consider these are the prices for just one ad, it brings into perspective one of the major benefits of using PR.

July 8, 2010

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you


As The Simpsons’ Dr Nick Riviera would say, ‘Hi Everybody!’

We are making our long-awaited return to the blogosphere after an extended lay-off. Sorry if you were waiting with baited breath, we’ve just been having a fabulous time and had no chance to post.

That fab time has been epitomised by a customer testimonial we received this week. It made us feel all warm inside 🙂
It was from a company called IT Systems and Solutions, who came to our PR workshop in Stafford on May 6th.
Jill Seabridge-Chadwick came along, and immediately set to work promoting her business in North Staffordshire, using the media contacts we had supplied and her new-found knowledge of how to write press releases.
Within a couple of weeks she had been featured in The Sentinel, the Staffordshire Newsletter and the South Staffordshire Chamber magazine – a pretty quick return on her £50 investment.
And not only that, but someone picked up the phone after reading her article and gave them a contract worth £5000!!!!
That’s a 1000% return on their investment, just for spending three hours in my company! Pretty impressive huh?!
If you would like to bring in business worth £5000, from spending just £50, check out our website for the dates of our next workshops.
Click here:
See you next time – we will be back sooner I promise 🙂

April 22, 2010

Congratulations to our young achievers!

I was at the Young Enterprise Area Finals last night, in my capacity as the North Staffs Area’s Co-Chairman.

It was a brilliant turnout and once again the young achievers from all over North Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent were an inspiration.

At this point I’d like to congratulate all our teams, from Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Westwood College (Leek), Sir Thomas Boughey High School (Halmerend), Haywood Engineering College, Blackfriars, and Brownhills Maths and Computing College (all Stoke-on-Trent).

And thanks to all the local businesses, media and parents who gave us such a brilliant turnout.

A big shout out must go to our overall winners, Junk from Newcastle-under-Lyme School and Touch Wood Customs from Haywood Engineering College. Best of luck to you both in the County Finals at JCB on May 5th.

Finally, with my charity hat on, I have to say that Young Enterprise is an organisation which depends on volunteers from the local community – both as business mentors and board members – and the generosity of the Staffordshire business community.

We could not survive without either of those, and your contributions help to improve young people’s career prospects cannot be understated.

If any of you would like to get involved with YE in North Staffs, please give me a call on 01782 472035 or 07880 733138.

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